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Kindergarten Access and Quality: A Look at the Leading States

It’s surprising that even today some children around the country don’t have access to free, full-day kindergarten. In a recent report released by the Early & Elementary Education Policy team, we found that only 27 states set a standard for the length of full-day K (when it’s offered) that is equivalent to first grade.

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Universal Pre-K Could More Than Pay for Itself

In his final State of the Union earlier this month, President Obama reiterated his call for universal access to pre-K, echoing his proposals from previous addresses in the past two…

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Standards, Assessment, and Data: A Look at the Leading States

Standards, assessment, and data are essential components to ensuring that all students have access to and mastery of grade level skills. In our scan, most states were categorized as crawling in this policy area, which means that there is plenty of room for growth nationwide. The highest ranking states in standards, assessments, and data for birth-3rd grades were Ohio, Delaware, and Washington state.