4 mins read

Zooming in: A Close Look at Literacy Practices in Low-Income Latino Homes

How do low-income Latino families engage in literacy activities with their young DLLs? How do these interactions affect DLLs’ literacy and language development? This post looks at a recently published research paper that asked these questions — and found some interesting answers.

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Reclassification Data — What is it Good For?

How long does it take DLLs to learn English? A recent report attempts to answer this question for DLLs in Washington state’s lowest performing school districts by looking at DLLs’ reclassification data.

6 mins read

Miami’s Language Diversity Paradox

In Miami, 72 percent of the population speaks a foreign language and nearly 22 percent of all students are ELLs! Still, many students lose fluency in their home language. How can schools target this problem and tap into students’ linguistic diversity as a resource for promoting bilingualism?