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Prioritizing Family Engagement to Support DLLs

Most educators agree that family engagement strategies are broadly beneficial for student success. But what do these strategies look like in practice? This post features two early learning centers in D.C. with innovative parent engagement programs to support their young DLLs.

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Project GLAD: So Much More to Learn

Project GLAD is a DLL instructional model used by over 50,000 teachers, yet little is known about its effects on the educational outcomes of DLLs. This post takes a look at the results of the only experimental study of the model to date, and how the new data can help us understand the benefits and drawbacks of the model for DLL instruction.

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The Difficult Path to Implementing Language Access for ELL Students

At a recent public hearing considering legislation to beef up the existing Language Access Law of 2004 in the District of Columbia, it became clear that the city’s ELL students are not being afforded adequate access to basic language services at school. But does the bill have what it takes?