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Free Lunch for All Hungry Students

As a teacher, I am used to hearing the question “Miss Gillette, can I have two breakfasts?” from my first grade students. At our school, all children receive free lunch…

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Charter Pre-K: Early Education’s Missed Opportunity?

The evidence that quality early education can change kids’ lives for the better is solid. Good early education programs can improve children’s school readiness, reduce special ed placements and grade…

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How Early Education Can Reduce Special Education Placements

Two early education programs in North Carolina, Smart Start and More at Four, have promising results in reducing special education enrollment in third grade. Third grade is a crucial marker for children enrolled in special education. If a child remains in special education at the end of third grade, the likelihood of exiting the program decreases dramatically. Prolonged placement in special education is also associated with lower likelihood of meeting important developmental and educational benchmarks.