12 mins read

Creating a Strong Dual Immersion Program

By Amaya Garcia

In the second part of our interview with Karen Beeman, she shares her thoughts on the design, implementation and sustainability of dual immersion programs.

5 mins read

New Research on How States can Control Tuition Growth

By Ben Barrett

New research on the impact of tuition setting authority and tuition caps could give legislators pause. While capping tuition growth directly may sound like a good idea, it could be counterproductive. Luckily, alternative methods have proven effective when states put enough money on the table.

5 mins read

Charter Pre-K: Early Education’s Missed Opportunity?

By Kaycie Gillette-Mallard

The evidence that quality early education can change kids’ lives for the better is solid. Good early education programs can improve children’s school readiness, reduce special ed placements and grade…

4 mins read

Out-of-State Tuition: A DREAMer Barrier to College

By Joanne Zalatoris

With the lack of a comprehensive federal immigration overhaul, states have been deciding for themselves whether or not undocumented immigrants can pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities for more than a decade.