5 mins read

Eight Facts That Show Babies are Smarter Than You Thought!

By Shayna Cook

New America’s Early & Elementary Education policy team has been making its way through the National Academy of Medicine’s Transforming the Workforce report. And we’ll be sharing our takeaways periodically….

10 mins read

More Than Tuition: Higher Education and the Social Safety Net

By Kim Dancy

The plight of low-income students is increasingly well-documented, and the higher education community is slowly but surely paying more attention to these students’ needs. From setting up on-campus food pantries…

5 mins read

New Report Calls for Culture of Innovation in ECE

By Aaron Loewenberg

Authors say the absence of a platform that encourages risk-taking and fresh thinking “threatens the future of all communities in which the needs of children and families are not being fully met by existing policies and programs.”