5 mins read

Reclassification Data — What is it Good For?

By Isabella Sanchez

How long does it take DLLs to learn English? A recent report attempts to answer this question for DLLs in Washington state’s lowest performing school districts by looking at DLLs’ reclassification data.

4 mins read

Targeted-Approach to State ECE Program Monitoring Systems

By Shayna Cook

The Administration for Children and Families released a report to offer states guidance around implementing the most comprehensive monitoring systems that serve children and families, but not overburdening early learning program providers that have proven to effectively foster child development in a safe environment.

2 mins read

College Decisions Survey Part IV: Understanding Student Loan Debt

Today, New America’s Education Policy Program released the fourth in a series of College Decisions Survey briefs that analyze new survey data about what prospective college students know about the college-going and financing process. Part IV: Understanding Student Loan Debt focuses on prospective and recently-enrolled college students’ perspectives on taking out and repaying student loans. It looks at estimates of the amount students plan to borrow, their monthly payments, and their repayment strategies.