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Does Paying Students to Finish Pay Off?

In April, Massachusetts announced a new tuition rebate program to improve academic progress at its community colleges. Unfortunately, evidence from the past 20 years that Texas has had a similar program suggests this won’t work.

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More than Tuition: Experimenting with Loan Limits

In February, Senator Lamar Alexander said that he plans to introduce legislation reauthorizing the Higher Education Act that would allow colleges to adjust federal loan limits for certain groups of students on their campuses. But first, fundamental questions about the appropriate role of institutional flexibility must be tempered with valid concerns about protecting students from unfair prejudice.

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More Than Tuition: How to Improve Cost of Attendance

Given the enormous complexity and competing incentives involved in setting an accurate COA, what, if anything, can be done to improve this important cornerstone to financial aid? Below we detail some recommendations that could help improve COA for today’s students.