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This week the PreK-3rd National Workgroup is hosting a webinar on PreK-3rd approaches in North Carolina and Michigan. For more information and to register click here.

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— Lisa Guernsey and Laura Bornfreund

Bringing Pre-K Programs Back to their Roots

Conor Williams investigates the Midwest’s approach to early childhood education.

Skeptic Claims No Evidence for Full-Day Pre-K: He’s Mistaken

Alex Holt questions a recent Washington Post editorial.

Nuance Or Oversimplification? Making the Case for Multilingualism

Conor Williams explores the implications of only 20% of Americans being multilingual.

Child Care and Development Block Grant — EdWeek writes about the new federal interest in early education programs and the possibility that the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDB) might be reauthorized. To get up to speed, review Clare McCann’s post from last year on the proposed reauthorization bill.

Preschool expansion — Legislation is making its way through the Kentucky house that would determine how Race to the Top — Early Learning Challenge funding would be distributed. “The $44.3 million federal grant will help improve young children’s kindergarten and elementary school readiness” reports The State Journal. In Iowa Senate democrats are pushing for expansion of early childhood education programs. And the Deseret News writes that in Utah “a bill to expand public preschool programs for at-risk students cleared the Senate Education Committee Friday and will now go before the [state] Senate.”

Kindergarten — Is kindergarten too easy? Inside School Research posts about a recent study released by American Educational Research Journal “that students make bigger gains in reading and math when they learn more advanced content such as adding numbers and matching letters to sounds. Yet kindergarten teachers spend nearly twice as much time on basics such as alphabet recognition and counting out loud.”

Teacher evaluation — NAESP and NASSP released a set of joint policy recommendations on how federal, state, and local lawmakers can best assist the nation’s principals and other school leaders with the many challenges they face implementing new teacher evaluation systems. New America’s Melissa Tooley recently wrote about the shifting landscape for state teacher evaluations.

Also worth noting — Join The PreK-3rd National Working Group to learn more about reforms in NC and MI… Read New America’s Laura Bornfreund take on the ‘Noble Intention’ of giving early childhood education… Red state? Blue state? Purple state? No, this isn’t a Dr. Suess book, First Five Years Fund writes it’s what several very different states have in common- investment in early ed… And Arne Duncan is quoted in HuffPost saying that “preschool education is ultimate bipartisan issue.”